Why do I need to provide my vehicle data?

Why do I need to provide my vehicle data?

A grey fleet driver is one who uses their own vehicle for business, bought with their own money (or even through a cash allowance they get from their employer) and reimbursed on a pence per mile basis if they drive on company business.

It is essential that your company can satisfy itself that all grey fleet drivers are eligible to drive - i.e. that they have a valid licence and are insured for business use. They are also required to ensure that the vehicle complies with road traffic law and is safe and fit for the road by having current tax and MOT certificates (if applicable).


Do I need to upgrade my car insurance to include business use?

Yes, if you are using your own car (or a cash allowance car) for driving on business (not just commuting) you will need to upgrade your car insurance. If your motor insurance certificate does not cover you for class 1 (or equivalent insurance business use cover) business use you will need to contact your insurer to update your insurance policy to include this cover. This is because driving on company business (i.e. traveling to meetings, picking someone up from the train station, popping to the bank or any other work related journey) needs extra insurance cover as a lot of insurance companies do not provide this by default on your car insurance.

Generally this does not affect your insurance premium so please check with your insurer - it only takes a few minutes over the phone.


Is my vehicle data secure?

Your data is always fully secure. Our web servers are fully secured with hardware firewalls and are hosted in bomb-proof data centres with the highest levels of security (you can view our data protection policy here). Your data will only be used for the sole purposes of;

• Checking you have valid insurance

• Checking you have valid road tax

• Checking you have a valid MOT certificate (if your vehicle is over 3 years old)

• Reminding you or your company of any renewal dates due for TAX/INS/MOT


For more information on Work related road safety please visit:


For more information of why businesses need to check grey fleet drivers and the responsibilities here's a few useful links:

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