How do I update my vehicle details?

How do I update my vehicle details?

Login to your DrivingMonitor account. At the bottom of your dashboard go to the 'Vehicles' tab. Then, if you have previously entered any vehicles they will shown here and you can edit those vehicles using the 'Edit Vehicle' button. 

If you need to add a vehicle that you drive on company business you can use the 'Add new vehicle' button shown on the bottom right of the Vehicles page.


What happens if my specific vehicle is not shown?

You can choose a vehicle that has the same specification as yours, for example a Ford Mondeo 4dr Saloon 2.0 may have many sub-classes such as L, TDL etc however you can simply choose the main Ford Mondeo 4dr Saloon 2.0 if this is your vehicle.

If there still isn't a specific vehicle shown in the lists provided because you have a particularly new car or it's a rare type then you can select the Manufacturer from the dropdown and then select 'Model not listed…' in the Model dropdown.

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