How do I print off my DVLA mandate?

How do I print off my DVLA mandate?

If you need to print your DVLA mandate simply follow these instructions;

1. Login to your DrivingMonitor account (you will need to use your username/password you registered with).

2. If there is an outstanding task shown on your dashboard to print your mandate this will be shown in the tasks panel on the right hand side.

3. If there is no task showing you can simply click on the 'Licences' tab at the bottom of your dashboard.

4. From the Licences tab click the 'Print Mandate' button (if you have not previously entered your licence you will need to use the 'Enter new licence' button first)

5. You can now review your licence details in the popup provided and select the 'Print Mandate' button on the bottom of the popup

You will then be presented with a printable view of your DVLA mandate and can print to your chosen printer. Print and sign your mandate and then send by email, fax or post.

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