Is my Driving Licence data secure when I sign a mandate?

Is my Driving Licence data secure when I sign a mandate?

Yes, your data is always fully secure. Our web servers are fully secured with hardware firewalls and are hosted in bomb-proof data centres with the highest levels of security. When you sign the paper mandate this allows us to check your driving licence with the DVLA. Your data will only be used for the sole purposes of;

• Checking you have a valid licence to drive

• Checking for any endorsements that may affect your entitlement to drive on company business

• Allowing us to deliver additional training where points/endorsements are exceed your employers threshold for safety

» You can view our Data Protection Policy by clicking here


What information will you store?

We will only store the data that is shown on the signed licence mandate, and any endorsements, categories and associated restrictions information that the DVLA highlight.


Will my personal information be used at all?

We will only use points/endorsements information for the purposes of delivering:

• Risk assessments

• Driver training

• Insurance updates

• Assessing your continuing ability to drive vehicles

 Your driving licence number from your signed mandate will not be used to deliver any safety training. Your address data will never be given out without your specific consent.


Will my personal information be passed on to any third parties?

No. We would only use a third party for the purposes of delivering specialist training should further training be required for a driver. In such circumstances the only information supplied to training organisation would be;

  • Driver's name
  • Points/offences on licence

No personal information such as address, driving licence number is passed on. Should there be a circumstance where a driver is met at their home address for driver training, then your consent would need to be given to arrange for this training.

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