Entering your annual mileage and what it's used for

Why do I need to enter my mileage in to DrivingMonitor?

Your mileage is one of the factors that is taken in to consideration when creating your risk profile. Statistically the more miles that you drive the higher your exposure to risk will be. Your mileage isn't the only factor that contributes to a driver's exposure to risk so this will not mean you are automatically a high risk driver.

Why do you record my private mileage?  

The miles you complete as private mileage will also impact upon your risk level, as high mileage users are likely to be completing longer journeys and therefore more likely to suffer from fatigue. Finally if you drive a company car, then the amount of private miles completed may impact upon the leasing fee/value of that vehicle.


If I drive a large amount of miles, will I automatically be a high risk driver?

No, the emphasis given to the mileage factor is significantly lower than some of the other factors. This is because although a high mileage driver will be exposed to more dangerous situations, they will also have more experience in dealing with these same situations.

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