Risk assessment questions - evaluation criteria

Risk Assessment Evaluation Criteria

This article explains how the DrivingMonitor risk assessment system has been developed and in particular how the questions have been put together.

Development background

  1. The DrivingMonitor risk assessment and online training modules have been developed in conjunction with a specialist driver training company
  2. The individual questions have been devised with input from an ex Metropolitan Police Force road traffic officer and risk management consultant
  3. The scenes have been devised based on advice from the Department of Transport research and the Health & Safety Executive research
  4. The question bank and assessment module has been devised to eliminate fraud and pulls from a bank of random questions
  5. DrivingMonitor has been evaluated by Dr. David Crundall from the Accident Research Unit - School of Psychology, University of Nottingham

Can I see the answers to the risk assessment questions?

No. The risk assessment part of the programme is designed to test knowledge, theory, attitude and hazard awareness etc. The online training modules do show the correct answers however the assessment answers are not published. Over the last 10 years feedback from customers was the bank of answers should not be shown on screen as these can be distributed and affect the accuracy of other individuals taking the assessment.

Research examples

  1. ABI research states that an inexperienced driver is more likely to have an accident than a mature one, this is based on claims figures.
  2. Manchester University research shows that a driver with points on their driving licence will take more risks than one without, and is more likely to have an accident.


Useful research example links

The following weblinks show research documents to support the development:

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