I've received an alert about a surrendered driving licence

What does this mean? 
The DVLA have informed us that the licence has been surrendered. This indicates that the driver has voluntarily surrendered their right to drive i.e. A medical condition can affect the ability to drive and may mean the driver would have to surrender their licence until they can meet the medical standards of fitness to enable them to drive again.
What do I need to do next?
The driver must renew their driving licence after surrendering it before they start driving again.
The DVLA will have sent a letter when the licence was surrendered. This will mention if there is a period of time the driver will need to wait before obtaining a new licence. The driver can reapply 8 weeks before the end of this period.
The driver will need to check with their doctor that they meet the medical standards for driving before reapplying for their licence.
If the driver has already reapplied then they will need to contact the DVLA to ensure that their records are correct.
If you believe this information to be incorrect please contact Driving Monitor to ensure the records are up-to-date.
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