I've received an alert about an INCORRECT driving licence number

What does this mean? 
The DVLA have informed us that the licence number cannot be found. This usually indicates a problem with the licence number, driver's name or date of birth entered into our system, not matching the details on their physical licence.
What do I need to do next?
1. Login to your Driving Monitor account
2. Click the licence tab (located at the bottom of your dashboard)
3. Scroll down the page, you will see a button "update my licence" towards the bottom right of the page
4. Click "update my licence"
5. Your details will open in a pop-up, here you can edit your licence and save to continue
6. If you have changed your licence number you MUST re-sign the consent form in order to complete this process
Tips for why this error occurs
Usually errors occur in the last 3 digits of the licence number. So ensure that these are entered correctly into the system before continuing.
Once you have signed the consent form again this will then be updated with the DVLA and correct the problem.
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